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The Journalism & News Webring - This is a ring for journals, journalism, art, art history, poetry, music, writing, news, facts and personal sites that h

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The Journalism & News Webring

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This is a ring for journals, journalism, art, art history, poetry, music, writing, news, facts and personal sites that have real feelings and emotions, nothing fake please!

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   Sea Serpents of Canada Preview Go
Unbeknownst to many Canadians and foreigners, Canada actually has an abundancy of sea-serpent/dragon myths, otherwise known as "Loch Ness Monsters". Like their Scottish relative, these Canadian sea serpents dwell in coastal waters and inland lakes. It is widely believed that if these sea serpents exist, then they are actually dinosaurs that somehow avoided the mass extinctions of the Cretaceous Period.
   The Top Ten Great Canadian Artists: Joyce Wieland Preview Go
Joyce Wieland: (1931-1998). Painter, filmmaker, mixed-media (quilts) artist. "I think of Canada as female. All the art I've been doing or will be doing is about Canada."
   Hope Arrives Too Little, Too Late Preview Go
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part One

   Tiananmen Square, 15 Years After Preview Go
Thousands were killed, and one million Hong Kong people spontaneously took to the streets in protest, fearful for what lay ahead as they waited for Britain to return Hong Kong to China in 1997. Bitter memories linger, along with admiration for the students who gave their lives in Beijing.
   2005 - Looking Back at the Year of the Rooster Preview Go
(Otherwise known as the Year of the Loon in the Canadian Zodiac.) Politics, news, war, oil prices, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, the fashion industry, AIDS in Africa, gay marriages, overpopulation, pyroterrorism and economics. A look at articles about the year 2005.
   Dada - The Anti-War Art Movement Preview Go
Dada was many things, but it was essentially an anti-war movement in Europe and New York from 1915 to 1923. It was an artistic revolt and protest against traditional beliefs of a pro-war society, and also fought against sexism/racism to a lesser degree. The word "dada" was picked at random out of a dictionary, and is actually the French word for "hobbyhorse".
   THE ARGO 5000 PROJECT Preview Go
"A Theoretical Vehicle Designed for What-If Scenarios by the US Military." It looks like an amphibious monster truck designed for the post-apocalypse.
   Richard Hammond Back Behind The Wheel Preview Go
British 'Top Gear' presenter Richard Hammond has got back behind the wheel of a car for the first time since suffering a brain injury in a high-speed car crash.
   Ballet, Anorexia and Sugar Plump Fairies Preview Go
Dance News - The Canadian National Ballet, Sugar plump fairies, the super-sized Russian ballerinas, Joni Mitchell Collaborates on New Ballet and Ashlee Simpson blames her stint at ballet for her pre-teen anorexia.
   The Poetry and Art of Rats Preview Go
The Poetry and Art of Rats: The Insane Art of Victoria Van Dyke.

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