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The Philosophers & Feminists Webring - Philosophers, feminists, equalitarians and thinkers. Rants and writing by intellectuals. Bhagwan Osho Rajneesh provides

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The Philosophers & Feminists Webring

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Philosophers, feminists, equalitarians and thinkers. Rants and writing by intellectuals. Bhagwan Osho Rajneesh provides Jokes, Modern Philosophy, Books Quotations, Sayings, Anecdots, Stories. Racism and sexism have no place in modern society. If the human race is to strive for something more than mere material wealth, we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and seek something deeper and more meaningful like exploring the galaxy and getting off this pitiful rock. Someday we will conquer the heavens instead of each other.

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   Jesus on Death Row Preview Go
81% of Canadians say they believe in "a god or higher being" but only 22% of young people in Canada attend church (2000 statistic). Is Jesus dying? Should we be afraid for the continuation of the Church? How many people will believe in god 40 years from now? And why is the death penalty still legal in the United States?
   The Fashion Prostitution Industry Preview Go
The Fashion Industry is a Prostitution Ring in Disguise: Fashion models are in essence high-society prostitutes. Legalized prostitution for the wealthy.
IN THE NAME OF ALL THE PEOPLE, WHO HAVE BEEN UNJUSTLY BANNED IN THE NAME OF ALL SANNYASINS WHO HAVE BEEN LIED TOO IN AN ATTEMPT TO PRESERVE OSHO WORK FROM MORE DESTRUCTION. "We are a gathering of sannyasins of Osho who can no longer bear to silent witness the destruction of His work. We want to expose to all sannyasins weird and manipulated situations that are happening around the OSHO world and in the Commune of

   Every Topic in the Universes Preview Go
Science, the unknown, and the human race... and how it might all be connected.
   Women of Power Preview Go
Women of Power: In the third millennium BC, a legendary female warrior named Ku-baba took charge of the great city-state of Ur, and changed the shape of the Middle East at the dawn of civilization. Women like Britain's warrior queen Boadicea, Egypt's Cleopatra, Russia's Catherine the Great and Britain's "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I left sensational legends behind them. But what about our modern women of power?
   2005 - Looking Back at the Year of the Rooster Preview Go
(Otherwise known as the Year of the Loon in the Canadian Zodiac.) Politics, news, war, oil prices, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, the fashion industry, AIDS in Africa, gay marriages, overpopulation, pyroterrorism and economics. A look at articles about the year 2005.
   Fashion Designers want Guidelines for Models Preview Go
The North American fashion industry says it wants its models to be healthy, not anorexic, not bulimic and not chain-smokers. And to help models achieve that, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has released a list of recommendations as part of a new health initiative. Plus additional articles about anorexia and real people.
   Divorce: Feminist Perspectives Preview Go
With skyrocketed divorce rates (in the United States the divorce rate is roughly half the marriage rate) its easy for people to point the finger at the feminist movement as to the cause. But in reality there is so many other reasons why divorces happen. Articles, statistics and different perspectives on marriage, adultery (the leading cause of failed marriages) and divorce.
   1001 Feminist Quotes Preview Go
"I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament." -Alanis Morissette. "Women belong in the House... and the Senate." "Never let the hand you hold, hold you down." -Authors Unknown.
   Femicide in Guatemala & Canada Preview Go
Femicide is a growing problem in Guatemala, Mexico and Canada. Who is killing all the women? Information and art.

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